Sexiest businessman Kenneth Cole’s fashion advice: Sneakers are for every occasion, dress in neutral colours

Kenneth Cole ​wants ​people to wear what makes you feel good as it will always look good​.

American designer Kenneth Cole, once considered the ‘sexiest businessman alive’, says if you feel good, you’re likely to look good:

Must haves
“Sneakers in which you can dress up or dress down; a basic T-shirt (black and white) is a great layering piece; a soft, unconstricting blazer with stretch that’s easy for commuting and travelling; a signature scent and a watch.”

Skip this
“One of the most common mistakes I see men make when dressing up is that they take it too seriously. Men should wear what they are comfortable in. If they feel good, they are likely to look good too.”

Fancy footwork
“I believe that sneakers have become a versatile form of footwear. They are not just for athletic wear anymore; you can dress them up or dress them down, and that’s what makes it such a great option for so many different occasions.

If a man had to invest in just a few items of clothing, a comfortable pair of shoes is a must. And an unconstricting blazer.”

Gender bender
“When it comes to genderless fashion, think white sneakers, a basic T-shirt, or classic button-down shirts.”

Travel hack
“When I am travelling, I believe less is more. I always stick to modern classics in neutral colours that can all work well together, rather than packing too many options.”

Trend talk
“This year, sports sneakers are in. In neutral colours and neons. Apart from this, classic shoes with platforms are also in vogue.”

Style advice
“Wear what makes you feel good, and you will always look good.”


Author: Ayaan