iRobot Roomba i7+: A robot vacuum cleaner that maps your home and cleans up

The robot can learn up to 10 different floor plans. Price  ₹89,900

Imagine a robot vacuum that not only remembers your home’s floor plan and cleans specific rooms by name, but also automatically empties its own bin. That is exactly what iRobot Corp’s Roomba i7+ robot vacuum cleaner does with Clean Base Automatic Dirt disposal. The device was launched in India this February.

Using the Roomba i7+ for the first time can lead to some anxious moments as the vacuum cleaner bumps into furniture across the house and manoeuvres across different floor levels, but after it has mapped the whole house (a bit of a long process depending on how big the space is), it moves around dexterously, sucking the dust, even going under the beds and sofas and other nooks and corners that remain largely neglected by the ubiquitous domestic help.

The Roomba works in a hassle free manner, cleaning either the whole house or specific rooms, thanks to the company’s Imprint Smart Mapping technology, which allows the robot to map the entire house after 3-4 times of usage, so it can distinguish the kitchen from the bedroom, giving the user total control to choose, which rooms are cleaned and at what time.

A mapping tip to remember is that the Roomba can recall places it has been to so make sure it is able to reach the whole space you want it to clean. This may entail opening doors and removing objects it might have trouble with. Also, ensure that there is always a little light on since the Roomba’s camera finds it difficult to see in pitch darkness.

The robot can learn up to 10 different floor plans. You can instruct the Roomba via the iRobot Home app or with voice commands, with Alexa or Google Assistant. You can simply ask Alexa to “clean my kitchen”, and the Roomba i7+ will find its way to the appropriate space to perform the task.

The process of cleaning is itself very meticulous as the i7+ cleans in straight lines, cleaning an entire room before moving on to the next one, and if its battery runs low or its bin fills up before it’s finished, it will remember where it stopped and return to that spot after getting recharged.

Sensors in the robot recognize particularly dirty areas, such as doorway entrances, and prompt the robot to clean them more thoroughly. Two multi-surface rubber brushes work together to effectively clean both carpets and hard floors, automatically adjusting the height of the cleaning head so that the two brushes can directly engage with the floor.

What is unique to the i7+ are the reports after it has completed a job. The app tells the user exactly how many square feet has been cleaned, how many “dirt events” there were, and how long it took to finish the job. It also shows a map of all the areas it hit during the cleaning run.

Further, the iRobot’s automatic dirt disposal feature takes convenience to a whole new level by automatically emptying the contents of the Roomba i7+ dust bin into the Clean Base. Doubling as the robot’s charging station, the Clean Base takes the dirty work out of vacuuming, storing debris in an enclosed bag, and trapping dirt and dust so they can’t escape into the air. When the bag is full, the user is notified via the iRobot Home app and can simply replace the full bag with a new one. The bag can hold 30 bins of debris.

Puresight Systems Pvt. Ltd distributes iRobot home robots in India and they are available at Amazon, Croma and other flagship stores in Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai and Bengaluru.


Author: Ayaan