All-New Tata Intra Compact Truck Unveiled; Launch Later This Month

Tata Motors has officially unveiled its all-new small commercial vehicle (SCV) Tata Intra in India, and the model is all set to go on sale in the country on May 22, 2019. This is the first all-new compact truck to come from the company’s stable after the very popular Tata Ace range, and the new Intra will be a bigger, premium and more powerful model. The company has confirmed that this is not a replacement for the Ace, but a new model altogether and it will be sold alongside the latter. In fact, considering the Ace is still the top-selling in the segment, with 20 lakh units sold so far, the company has no plans to discontinue it and has said that the Ace range will make the transition to BS6 as well.

In terms of dimensions, the new Tata Intra measures 4316 mm in length, 1639 mm in width and 1919 mm in height, which are pretty much similar to the Tata Ace Mega XL, the biggest Tata Ace out there. Tata says that the main design criteria for the Intra were that it had to be compact yet offered more productivity to owners. So, the payload bay alone is a segment-best 2512 mm long, 1602 mm wide and comes with a height of 463 mm, offering a wider and taller loading area than the Ace Mega XL.


Author: Ayaan